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Humanities & Social Sciences

If you are fascinated by the way the world works and amazed at how the human mind functions, then any one of our courses in Humanities and Social Sciences is likely to interest you and lead you to a number of exciting and extremely varied career opportunities. The critical thinking skills gained from studying these subjects may give you a competitive advantage in your future endeavours. Some of these skills include analysing, researching, communication and problem-solving. You will develop the ability to prioritise information and learn how to make vital decisions. This will help you to build an important skill-set needed for progression into university or a career.

Humanities will raise your cultural awareness, develop your creative thinking skills and reasoning, and teach you the best ways to ask questions. These are fundamental and transferable skills that will allow you to perform well in all fields, from art to music and business to politics. 

The Social Sciences are a very popular A-level option at Coleg Sir Gâr and help develop your knowledge and understanding of human behaviour, and how individuals, families, communities, institutions and nations interact with one another.  You will explore numerous issues such as child poverty and ill health, and how human behaviour and understanding is often the stumbling block to any development in these fields.  

Social sciences and Humanities explore the issues that students feel are important to their lives and to their future. They are about improving our social, cultural and economic wellbeing, and will provide you with an education that is fit for the challenges that we face today.

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