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GCE AS/A Level Geology

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Further Education

Programme Length:

AS - 1 Year Full A Level - 2 Years

Bilingual Delivery:

This course can be studied in English only at present

Programme Description

Geology is the science of the Earth, integrating Physics, Biology and Chemistry in the investigation of our planet, with the added dimension of time, Geology explores the evolution of Earth since its formation 4600 million years ago.

Geology is about understanding how our planet works. It is the science directly concerned with the structure, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and with the exploration of the natural mineral and energy resources that it contains. Students who enjoy this subject are good at describing what they can see; enjoy problem solving; will learn to work in three dimensions using maps, GIS and petro-chemical microscopes. Students will learn an appreciation and a deeper understanding of the physical geography and underlying geology of study areas and we have to work outside on fieldwork days on Gower, in Pembrokeshire, Dorset and every other year, the Isle of Arran.

Geology AS and A level are assessed entirely by examinations. This includes a practical exam with specimens to test and identify and maps to interpret.


Programme Features

There is a fieldtrip to the Isle of Arran, every other year, off the coast of Scotland during which students has the opportunity to apply thier knowledge and skills in geoglogy to a 'live' landscape.

There is a joint geography/geology fieldtrip each year to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  There are additional fieldwork visits to locations closer to home, such as the Gower Peninsula and Pembrokeshire. Every student has access to an extensive rock, mineral and fossil collection and will learn to use subject specific equipment, such as petro-chemical microsopes, 3D mapping and software programmes.

Progression and Employment

A substantial proportion of students who complete an A Level in Geology@CSG will go on to a Higher Education to take a degree in a geological/ geographical related subjects who then onto the 'world of work' in the many geological areas of employment. Geology also provides an excellent source of skills that will support other lines of study and provide you with many transferrable skills in interpretation, analysis, problem solving and data collection, analysis and drawing evidence based conclusions and lines of investigation.

In 2016, we supported a geology student, with the Sutton Trust, to attend Summer Camp in the USA where he was subsequently offered a university place. He gained A* and A grades in Geology, Geography and Biology and chose to go on to St Andrew’s University in Scotland to study Geology where he is now in his third year. His exciting experiences at university so far include spending 2 months this summer camping and mapping rocks in Greenland!

It is always pleasing when a keen geology student goes to study geology at university and joins the network of ex-students who work around the globe in varied occupations, from gold mining, oil exploration and geo-engineering to researching into ancient plant life – many of them return to speak with our learners to help them focus their personal UCAS statements to the geology and earth science courses to universities all around the UK.

Programme Content

Method of Assessment

AS Level - Year 1

Exam 1: Geological Enquiries (written, includes practical)/ 1hr 30 mins / 40% of total

Exam 2: Foundation Geology (written exam) / 1hr 30 mins / 60% of total


A2 - A Level - Year 2

Exam 3: Geological Investigations (written, includes practical) 2hr 15 mins, 35% of total

Exam 4: Geological Principles and Processes (written exam) 1hr 45 mins, 30% of total

Exam 5: Geological Applications (written exam) 2hrs, 35% of total

Practical Endorsement: (Assessing practical competency, not part of grade)

Entry Requirements

Geology can be taken at AS Level without prior study of the subject. Normally students 16 - 19 years of age will require a minimum of six GCSEs at grades A* - C.

Maths, English and Science – preferably B grade GCSE maths and Double/Triple science at intermediate and higher levels. Cs will be considered if there is good academic performance across 8 or more GCSEs.

Entry for mature students without formal qualifications is at the discretion of the faculty.

Academic Year Delivery Campus Course Length Course Options
2018 - 2019 Full Time Graig Campus 1 Year Enquire Apply
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Ammanford Campus Dyffryn Road,
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