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GCE AS/A Level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

Programme Description

AS/A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematice

GCE AS/A Mathematics.

Students will study topics in Pure Mathematics, consisting of Algebra, Co-ordinate geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus. In addition to this, students will also study Statistics and Mechanics and their applications to the real world. A-level Mathematics@CSG is a facilitating subject and is an essential requirement for many higher education courses, such as civil engineering.


GCE AS/A Further Mathematics

Students who particularly enjoy Mathematics, especially algebra, can study 2 A Levels: the first in Mathematics and the second in Further Mathematics. The entire A Level Mathematics course is covered during the first year, with students progressing to A Level Further Mathematics during year2.

Students will study modules in Pure Mathematics, Further Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.

An A Level in Further Mathematics is becoming essential for students who wish to study STEM subjects at Russell Group universities and is highly regarded by employers.  Students who study FurtherMaths@CSG get an additional hour of tuition compared to other local institutions. 

Programme Features

  • Designed to give a thorough basic training in the core disciplines of algebra, calculus, trigonometry and analytical geometry
  • The specification links well with that for A-Level physics and the sciences / medical sciences in general
  • Traditionally and rigourously taught course over 9 hours per fortnight.
  • The course is vastly different from GCSE in terms of the level of difficulty and the amount and volume of work covered
  • The most crucial part of GCSE work needed for A level success is a very high standard of ability in algebra
  • A love of problem solving, process, hardwork and all things mathematical are essential. 

Progression & Employment

A Level Mathematics

All Students progress to either university or employment. Mathematics is an essential qualification for students aiming for careers in Sciences, Engineering, Economics, and Computing etc. A-level Mathematics is also a highly regarded qualification by employers and it shows excellent process, analysis and problem solving skills.

A successful student achieving a good grade in A- level Mathematics would exhibit qualities of problem solving, enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and hard work.

Results over 25 years in A-level Mathematics have been consistently good, being at or above national comparators.


A Level Further Mathematics

The majority of Further Mathematics students progress to higher education to study subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Computing, Engineering, Aeronautics and Economics.

Many of our medicine students have studied an AS Level in Further Mathematics as it is looked on favourably by the Medical Schools for showing process, analysis, research and problem solving skills.

Two thirds of our students (67%) have achieved A/A* grades over the last 10 years

Programme Content

Maths and Further Maths follow the WJEC syllabus and it builds upon the GCSE and the Additional Maths Certificate (WJEC).

Programme Assessment

GCE Mathematics

100% exam based assessment: consisting of 2 exams in AS (Yr 1) and 2 exams in A Level (Yr 2).


GCE Furthr Mathematics

Assessment is 100% examination, with 4 exams in year 1 (A Level Maths) and a further 5 exams at the end of year 2 (A Level Further Maths).


Programme Entry Requirements

AS/A Mathematics

Normally students 16 - 19 years of age will require a minimum of 6/7 GCSEs at grades A* - C.

A minimum of a B grade at GCSE Higher tier Mathematics. It would also be beneficial as a preparation to study A-level mathematics that the WJEC certificate in additional mathematics be studied alongside GCSE mathematics.



AS/A Further Mathematics

Normally students 16 - 19 years of age will require a minimum of 6/7 GCSEs at grades A* - C.

A minimum grade A at GCSE Higher Tier Mathematics is required to study A Level Further Mathematics. Ideally, students will also have studied the WJEC Additional Mathematics Level 2 qualification.