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A Level Music

Programme Description

Music is a multi-skilled subject that develops discipline, perseverance, dependability, composure and courage. It blends the logical and the creative and it is fun!

Music is excellent training for multi-tasking. Employers look for candidates who have been engaged in activities that demonstrate persistence and they specifically look for people who have studied Music.

Even if you do not want to study Music beyond AS and A level, the skills and experience gained will assist you with confidence in interviews and you will gain a life-long skill. 

Programme Features

A central element of the course is learning composing techniques and developing individual styles and tastes for the free choice piece. The Western Classical piece involves problem solving by working through short composing tasks in the Classical style. Another central element is studying two movements from a Symphony by Haydn and studying Musical Theatre songs. We build in fortnightly rehearsal sessions to work on your performing skills and plan your programme for the recital in March.

Class, group and one to one discussion with your teachers and peers will give you a chance to enhance your musical skills, which in turn will give you the confidence to develop your own work and improve on your grades and appreciation of the Music.

Progression & Employment

Music qualifications can lead to a career in Education, Music Therapy, a Performer, Composer or Conductor but also it opens the door to other careers such as Mathematics, Medicine, Law or Dentistry.

Programme Content

Unit 1 (AS) Unit 4 (AL) - Performing.

You will perform two to four pieces to a visiting examiner of Grade 5 (AS) Grade 6 (AL) standard and any instrument or voice is acceptable. You can specialise in Performing in Year 2.

Unit 2/Unit 5 - Composing.

You will compose two pieces; a free composition of a least 2 minutes duration and the other in response from a brief set from WJEC in the Western Classical Tradition. You can specialize in Composing in Year 2.

Unit 3/Unit 6 - Appraising.

A written examination of 1 hour 30 minutes (approx.) on two Areas of Study: Orchestral Western Classical Tradition and Musical Theatre

Programme Assessment

AS Level (year one):
1. Performing - performance during March (externally)
2. Composing - two compositions with a score, recording & write-up in April (externally)
3. Appraising - a written examination in the June (externally)

A-level (year two): 
4. Performing - performance during March
5. Composing - two compositions with a score, recording and write-up in April (externally)
6. Appraising - a written examination in the June.

Programme Entry Requirements

Suitability for this course will be assessed at interview and on sight of GCSE qualifications. Grade 5 theory is desirable but not a requirement.

An applicant for the A Level Music will need to have: 

B in AS Music and either a B or C in other AS subjects

English and Maths are an integral part of every A Level course.  It will be at the Faculty’s discretion to accept students who do not have GCSE English Language or Maths.

Additional Costs

You will have access to a range of equipment, including Sibelius software for compositions and resources, which will be sufficient to complete your programme of study.