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AS/A Level Psychology

Programme Description

Psychology involves looking at a variety of psychological approaches such as the biological, psychodynamic and positive approaches, which are used to explain human behaviour such as criminal behaviour, schizophrenia and stress.  Alongside developing an understanding of the theories, which underlie human behaviour, Psychology also focuses on the use of research methods within the field. 

The A level involves understanding how psychological research is collected and used in everyday situations which helps develop confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and problem solving skills.  Students also have the opportunity to conduct their own research on a range of topics such as relationship formation.  

Programme Features

  • The course enables learners to develop an understanding of the human mind and human and animal behaviour. Upon successful completion of this course learners will understand their actions and thoughts more clearly, and develop an increased understanding and tolerance towards others
  • Learners will develop many essential skills through studying psychology. They will learn to think critically, and to express themselves clearly. These skills are essential preparation for university regardless of the university course being studied
  • The course benefits from a highly qualified and dedicated team of psychology lecturers who work hard to ensure learners have an interesting and insightful learning experience. The team provide learners with a network of support and encouragement throughout their studies

Progression & Employment

A Psychology degree, which can be combined with a variety of subjects such as Criminology, has led to students applying for courses in Criminology; Psychology; Forensics (with sciences); Police: Undergraduate Degrees and Higher Apprenticeships; Educational Welfare and Psychology, foundation Medical Degrees and a variety of Social Science degrees etc..

2018 = 67% A* to C grade; 100% A* - E

Programme Content

AS Level

Unit 1 : Psychology - Past to Present.  This unit focuses on learning the five psychological approaches of behaviour and classic pieces of research.

Unit2 : Using Psychological Concepts.  This unit focuses on contemporary debates in Psychology, focusing on present day issues, whilst also focusing on principles and application of research in this discipline.

A2 Level:

Unit 3 : Psychology: Implications in the Real World.  Explorations of Controversial Issues in Psychology and an explorative process on three main behaviours of Forensic Psychology, Abnormal Psychology and Biological Psychology.

Unit 4 : Psychology: Applied Research Methods.  Independent investigation into human behaviour, through various research methods and application of knowledge to novel situations.


Programme Assessment

AS level: 

Two written examinations, one for each unit - 40% of full award

A2 level: 

Two written examinations, one for each unit - 60%  of full award.


Programme Entry Requirements

6/7 GCSEs at Grades A* - C. 

Maths, English and Biology GCSE Grade B or above.  If Double Award Science was taken, the biology element must be at a B grade.

Additional Costs

All learners are required to pay an administration fee of £45.00 prior to enrolment.

You will need to provide your own stationery and may also incur costs if the department arranges educational visits.