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Agriculture Level 3

Programme Description

The Advanced Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture (1080) qualification gives you the opportunity to study a range of specialist technical practical skills and knowledge that build upon the core skills of safe working practices in farming, livestock husbandry, crop production and operating agricultural machinery as well as business skills.  You can then learn further specialist skills such as farm livestock health and nutrition, agricultural workshop practices, and forage crop production.

There are two option routes in the second year: Livestock and Farm Mechanization.

It is equivalent to three A Levels.

It has a eight week period of work placement usually on farms or other agricultural institutions.  This is undertaken in the first year.  There is an opportunity to carry out a full year placement between the first and second year.





Programme Features

  • Excellent balance of theory and practical
  • Dedicated knowledgeable caring staff team
  • Innovative teaching methonds
  • Fantastic farms as open air teaching spaces
  • A range of industry, farm and show visits
  • A range of guest speakers

Progression & Employment

You could after finishing: -

  • Study for a Level 4 Foundation Degree
  • Enrol on a BSc Degree Programme
  • Become an Apprentice on a Farm
  • You might progress into work as a Herdsperson/Herd Manager, Agricultural Technician, calf or stock rearer, Machine Operator

Programme Content

First Year Units

  • Principles of Health & Safety
  • Undertake and review work related expereince in the Land-based Industries
  • Land-based Industry Machinery Operations
  • Agricultural Crop Production
  • Plant and Soil Science
  • Undertake Estate Skills
  • Livestock Husbandry
  • Business Management in the Land -based Sector
  • Forage Crop Production
  • Farm Animal Health & Nutrition

Second Year Units

A. Livestock Route

  • Specialist Project in the Landbased Sector
  • Grassland Management
  • Pollution and Waste Management
  • Dairy Production
  • Beef Production
  • Sheep Production
  • Farm Animal Science
  • ATV and Rough Terrain Telescopic Forklifts
  • Exploring Improvements Opportunities for Diversification and New Business Initiative

B. Farm Mechanization Route

  • Specialist Project in the Landbased Sector
  • Landbased Power Units
  • Workshop Practices
  • Pollution and Waste Control Management
  • Exploring Improvements Opportunities for Diversification and New Business Initiatives
  • Repair Land-based Copression-ignition Engines
  • Repair Land-based Forage Harvesting Machinery
  • Repair Land-based Mechanical Power Transmission Systems
  • ATV and rough Terrain Telescopic Forklifts

Programme Assessment

The Level 3 Technical Extended Diploma in Agriculture (1080) course is divided into units, each of which much be passed to complete the course.  Each unit is graded as a Distinction, Merit, Pass or Referral.

The first year results will be carried forward to the second year.

To gain this qualification, candidates must successfully achieve the following assessments:

  • Two externally set, externally moderated assignment (Synoptic Assignment)
  • Two externally set, externally marked exams, sat under examination conditions
  • Portfolio of evidence
  • Optional units assessments as required

Programme Entry Requirements

  • Five G.C.S.Es in total A*-E
  • A G.C.S.E in English Language/Welsh Language at A*-C (or a Level 2 Communication Qualification)
  • A G.C.S.E in Mathematics at A*-C (or a Level 2 AON Qualification)
  • Entry is normally subject to interview which will show an aptitude to Agriculture
  • Some experience of practical farming is essential

Additional Costs

Mae’n ofynnol i bob dysgwr dalu ffi gweinyddu o £45 cyn cofrestru.

Bydd angen i chi ddarparu eich deunydd ysgrifennu eich hun, a hefyd gallwch fynd i gostau os yw'r adran yn trefnu ymweliadau addysgol.