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More Able & Talented


ACE is our bespoke programme in Alevels@CSG to recognise the Academic and Cultural Excellence in the students who come to us from Carmarthenshire schools.  Selection is based and  evidenced through an excellent GCSE profile; exceptional cultural performance; and a personal ambition to apply for the most prestigious courses in the UK’s top universities.

Students are part of the ACE programme, by invite only.  Access to ACE is based on proven academic and gifted performers, who are identified and selected on merit and not on ‘predicted’ grades: so every student has the opportunity to shine.  Each student in the ACE programme has a dedicated tutor and is in tutorial with equally high achieving, ambitious and aspirational individuals. 

It is a bespoke, tailor made programme which incorporates an individual learning plan to challenge and extended learning – in the classroom and through the SEREN Network events.  All ACE students have the opportunity to meet with other high achievers in regular SEREN and UNIQ programmes and to compare themselves to the academic excellence from other educational institutions.  In Coleg Sir Gar, they will be invited to guest talks and seminars on Medical and STEM professions; applications to medical schools and veterinary colleges; Engineering courses; Creative Arts expositions and exhibitions; lectures in Humanities and Social Sciences; opportunities to be a Language Ambassador and represent CSG in Welsh and Modern Foreign Languages; and support in applying for specialist work experience, in their own time.  There is also a residential visit to Oxford, to experience life as a university student, and all that it encompasses. Through the UNIQ programme.

All ACE students have the opportunity to study in an ACE WBQ tutorial, guided by a specialist tutor who helps them to focus on adapting the Skills Challenges to their preferred areas of interest and study.  More and more, Russell and Oxbridge interviews are focused on the topics studied in the Baccalaureates offered in England, Wales and International Schools.  By choosing the WBQ, our students are not only capable of attaining another A Level subject, with exactly the same UCAS value, but of competing against the other candidates vying for places on the same courses.  It is recognised as an invaluable asset to complement their knowledge specific subjects.

Entry Requirements: minimum of 8A*/As.  Candidates also require a good reference from their GCSE school.  All must have passed maths, sciences and English language, as part of, or in addition to the A*/A requirements.

The Brilliant Club Scholar’s Programme

The Brilliant Club is an education charity that exists to increase the number of students from under-represented backgrounds who have the ability and ambition to progress to highly-selective universities; including Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities.

Our students have the opportunity to join The Scholar’s Programme that employs doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to deliver academic enrichment activities to small groups. Through a combination of university trips, in-school tutorials and online resources, they develop the knowledge, skills and ambition needed to progress to the most prestigious courses in the top research universities.

Our 2017/2018 group were researching the topic ‘How can we cure our own cancer?’ and were invited to Wadham College, Oxford for their programme launch.  Whilst at the launch, they met current students and had an insight into what it is like to study at a top university.  It has given them a goal to work towards and heightened their ambition.  All our previous Brilliant Club participants successfully applied to Russell Group universities and found it was a key element of their personal interviews.  Truly Brilliant!


UNIQ is a national flagship programme run by Oxford universities and offered to A Level colleges and schools that have regular success in applications to Oxford University. 

The programme offers Alevels@CSG students the opportunity to study at Oxford University, to meet personal tutors, sample their chosen course, stay in a college and learn how to make a strong application to a world-ranking university.  The programme is designed to break down the barriers that students from traditionally under-represented areas and backgrounds.  It is designed to build confidence; overcome ‘impostor syndrome’; provide role models where there may not be any, and to challenge myths around the Oxford interview and entry process.  It is to prepare the best students to apply to the best universities, especially Oxford University.

It is part of the commitment in Alevels@CSG and University of Oxford to widen access to our students in the opportunities they are given and to recognise our More Able and Talented learners. 

A truly UNIQ programme for aspirational learners.