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Welcome to our Performance HWB.

We are delighted to offer a Sport Science Testing and Training Facility boasting industry 'Gold' standard equipment matched with almost 40 years sports science experience from our full time staff, namely Loughborough graduate Jonathan Roberts, Cardiff MET graduate Rob Kirk and Simon Wooller.

Jon has lectured since 1997 specialising in Nutrition, Massage, Sports Biomechanics, Psychology and Injury Prevention. Jon has worked with a number of team and individual athletes in a variety of sports including Triathletes, iRONMAN, Football, Kite Surfing, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) to name a few.

Jon has competitive experience in a variety of sports, competing at a high level in Triathlon and more recently Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) representing Wales in forthcoming World Championships in Denmark, September 2017.

Rob has lectured since 1999 specialising in Exercise Physiology, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Conditioning and Analysis of Sports Performance.  Rob has also worked with a number of team and individual athletes in a variety of sports including Triathletes, IRONMAN, Swimmers, Runners and Cyclists to name a few.

Rob has competitive experience in a variety of sports, including Cycling, Running, Gymnastics and Basketball and competed at Welsh International Level in swimming competing across Europe.

Simon has lectured since 2000, specilaising in Sport Injuries, Sports Massage and Sport Coaching. Simon has worked with a number of team and individual athletes including Rugby, Football, Cycling and Triathletes to name a few.

Simon has competed for and captained a number of Division 1 Rugby Clubs including Llangennech RFC and Cardiff MET before making the transition into Triathlon and IRONMAN events.

Coached Wattbike Training ( 50mins ) £8.00 per bike per session

    • Price
    • Wattbike
      Varied Methods of Training: HITT / Threshold / Sweet Spot / Power
      & Strength Development
      Pedal Efficiency
      Heart Rate & Training Zone Test
      to enable SMART training
    • Monday & Wednesday Sessions:
      Focus on Aerobic /
      Technique /
      Power Development (MMP/FTP Building)
    • It never gets EASIER .... You get FASTER!


Our Ethos

Sport Science Specific Assessment > Train SMARTER > Train HARDER > Striving for Peak Performance  

How To Use The Wattbike Performance Monitor

How To Complete The Three Minute Test

How To Complete The 20 Minute Test

Why Wattbike?

From its very beginning the Wattbike has been at the cutting edge of cycling technology. Developed in Association with British Cycling, the Wattbike spent nearly 8 years in development under the watchful eye of former British Cycling Performance Director and Head of UK Sport Peter Keen.

With a vital role to play in helping to develop champions, the Wattbike was designed and built to exacting standards. With the ability to monitor the performance data required by the world’s top athletes and coaches, the Wattbike brings professional quality to gyms and cycling studios around the globe. The accuracy, incredible feel incorporating Wattbike’s RRF Real Ride Feel Technology and robust build quality have made the Wattbike the standard all other indoor bikes aspire to. Despite only being launched in 2008, the Wattbike has already played an integral role in many Olympic and World Championship successes.

Adopted by athletes from sports as diverse as Athletics, Ice Hockey, Formula One Motor Racing and Rugby, the Wattbike offers athletes a unique training experience not available on any other piece of fitness equipment. Now your members can train like a pro too!