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Learners can access tutorials in Welsh, complete assessments or assignments through the medium of Welsh and there are many units that can be studied in Welsh or bilingually. Studying your vocational course bilingually will help you develop valuable skills for the workplace and will give you a wider range of options when you leave College.

Did you know that, on average, those who can work bilingually earn a higher salary? Employer surveys show that there is a shortage of workers with Welsh Language Skills, and whatever job you go for in Wales, you can be sure that being able to speak Welsh will give you a head start at interview. A Welsh-speaking employee can be very valuable to a business and help provide the best possible service to their customers.

Other advantages are:

Reading – bilingual people place more emphasis on the meaning of words rather than their sound. This can help with their reading. Research shows that understanding two languages to a high level can be beneficial to the brain.

Creative thinking – a bilingual person has at least two words for everything and two different concepts. This means that a bilingual person may be able to think about things more flexibly.

Sensitivity – bilingual people need to know which language to speak with whom and when. As a result, they may develop more sensitivity to the needs of listeners than people who speak only one language.

Be Bilingual

Be Bilingual - Better your Opportunities

Coleg Sir Gar and Coleg Ceredigion is committed to developing its bilingual provision and ethos. We promote bilingualism and encourage all our students to develop and use their Welsh language skills. The Welsh language is unique to Wales and very important to us as a college. Everyone living in Wales can be proud of the language, even if they don’t speak it themselves. The language belongs to everyone who lives here and there are educational, employability and social benefits of being able to speak two languages. You can be part of two cultures and enjoy the variety of idioms, sayings, history, poetry, literature, music and traditions. Speaking Welsh, even at a very basic level is fantastic for your CV and could open doors to all sorts of opportunities for you in the future.

Many jobs in Wales now require the ability to communicate effectively in both Welsh and English, so studying bilingually could give you the advantage when you’re looking for work.

Your bilingual skills are highly valuable and you should take advantage of the support we can give you at the college to further develop those skills. We can help you improve your career opportunities by allowing you to:

  • Study a range of courses bilingually
  • Develop your language skills
  • Take part in Welsh-language events.


There are lots of opportunities to use and celebrate Welsh across the College, for example:

  • Work experience placements in Welsh
  • Guidance on where to find local courses on learning Welsh
  • Studying part of your course in Welsh or bilingually
  • Re-sit your GCSE Welsh First Language
  • Progression opportunities to HE Welsh medium courses with Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol
  • Cross college bilingual events to celebrate our Welsh heritage and celebration days e.g. Diwrnod Shwmae, Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen, Dydd Miwsig Cymru, Dydd Gwyl Dewi, Six Nations Rugby, National Eisteddfod Urdd Gobaith Cymru Eisteddfod competitions and sporting events

  • Support from a Welsh speaking personal tutor
  • Bilingual resources
  • Welsh for the Workplace Bitesize sessions
  • Welsh language skills lessons to support employability (in Health & Social Care, Childcare and Public Services)
  • The option of writing your assignments and undertake assessments and exams in Welsh (where Examination Awarding bodies allow)
  • Welsh enrichment activities – visiting speakers, games, visits
  • The opportunity to gain your essential skills bilingually or in Welsh
  • One-to-one support to complete work in Welsh or bilingually
  • Guidance on using apps to help with bilingual study
  • Speak the language in informal settings across the college (look out for those wearing the Cymraeg orange symbol on their lanyards) and always start your conversations with Welsh first.

At Coleg Sir Gar and Coleg Ceredigion staff and students work together to create an inclusive and enjoyable college community in which our students and staff are able to achieve their full potential. 

The college is made up of a diverse and vibrant community of staff and students, where individuals work together, socialise, learn and develop in a safe, mutually supportive and inspiring environment. We promote an atmosphere of mutual respect developing a creative and supportive learning environment in which students can thrive.

 We ask that everyone acts in a  respectful manner, and demonstrates a positive attitude towards learning and work while attending college. All members of staff act as role models to students and support positive behaviour by setting high standards and expectations. 

Staff recognise and reward positive behaviours with praise, supporting the development of students’ self-esteem and self-discipline. We also expect all staff to challenge negative behaviours, in order to maintain a positive and pleasant college environment for us all.

Please see our Positive Behaviour Policy and Learner code of Conduct

Inspiring Learners

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