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More Able & Talented


ACE is Coleg Sir Gar’s bespoke More Able & Talented Programme for A’ Level Students, which recognises and develops Academic and Cultural Excellence.  You will be invited on to the programme with a proven academic and gifted record: evidenced through an excellent GCSE profile of either 6A*s or have 20 SEREN points from your top 8 academic GCSEs. A personal ambition to gain the super-curricular experience, to be part of the SEREN network and to make competitive applications to the UK’s most prestigious universities and courses, is essential. 

You will form the ACE tutorial group, led by a specialist dedicated ACE tutor who delivers a tailor-made programme designed to support you in realising and fulfilling your potential. 

In four timetabled sessions each week, in year 1, you will follow the national PSHE programme; complete the WJEC’s Extended Project Qualification; and, will be supported in your development into an aspirational, high achieving and resilient young adult.


Sessions are delivered by your ACE tutor, selected guest speakers, and former students who will guide you through the ‘university experiences’ on areas such as, how to apply successfully for summer schools in Yale, Harvard or Oxbridge colleges; work experience; super curricular and SEREN activities.

Throughout the ACE programme, you will develop essential high-order skills such as research methodologies; critical thinking and confidence building. In years 1 and 2, you will have sessions focused on preparing for and applying to universities supporting you to prepare the best possible UCAS application for the university and course of your choice.