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Ceramics degree launched Lindy’s new career.

Lindy Martin is a ceramicist, practicing artist and part-time lecturer who returned to education after an evening class sparked a total addiction to clay.

She never thought she would be this busy following her degree as she took up the course as a personal challenge before she retired.

Applying for Carmarthen School of Art’s BA honours degree in ceramics, Lindy decided that after 30 years of living in England, she would combine her passion for clay and her passion for a part of the world she would eventually move back to.

Lindy Martin said: “The course experience was challenging, hard work, liberating, supportive, explosive, expanding, exhausting, stretching, holistic, frustrating, ecstatic, strengthening, confidence giving, bonding and life changing.

“The process involved in completing a piece of art, investigation, learning new skills, homing those skills, self-criticism, planning, working with others plus dogged determination are all skills needed to succeed in any job.”

Lindy makes pots in her garage studio and sells to galleries all around Wales as well as searching for exhibition opportunities.  She has also taken part in a number of selected ceramic fairs including a ceramics cultural exchange to Uzbekistan.

She also runs a number of workshops for an arts charity and has taken part in some Lead Creative Schools Scheme projects.

Lindy Martin added: “Art is such a massive part of our lives; from the obvious paintings, prints, sculptures, fabrics and pots through to advertising, film, stage design and window dressing to the shoes on your feet, your front door and the knobs on a cooker, all have an artist involved at some point.

Lindy hopes to spend more time developing her own work and has recently been invited to take part in an exhibition with a group of artists in Stoke on Trent.

“When I started my degree I was imagining something challenging to do before I retired and I have never been so busy.”

Lindy Martin

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