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Learner Support Mentors.

Our friendly team of Mentors on each campus are passionate about engaging with learners in innovative and diverse ways. Mentors lift the barriers to learning by providing support in a variety of ways including 1:1 sessions, personal social development sessions and team building activities. We also have excellent links with other support agencies for the times we may not be able to help you but know that others can. Our support, advice and guidance is a confidential service.

Mentoring Support

Mentors are available for you across all campuses for a relaxed and confidential 1:1 support. A mentor is available to help and advise you on a wide range of things and will support you as much as they can to overcome barriers that affect your studies. You can book an appointment with a mentor easily and can be made in a range of ways that suit you. Either call in to their offices and ask to book a time that is convenient for you, ask your tutors to set the appointment up, email the mentors direct or even find the posters with the QR codes and follow the links. All students are able to access the support and as long as the mentors know what the problem maybe, they will do their best to help. Mentors are available to speak up for you to tutors if you are not confident to yet, and then work with you to develop the confidence and resilience to move forward within a safe and friendly environment. The mentoring can have a positive effect on your college experience, so why not pop in and say hello and find out what the mentors can do for you.

Transition Support

The mentoring team know that when students are starting out with their chosen college course that it can be stressful. So the team have set up many things that can help with a smooth transition into their chosen area. The dedicated staff, are available in open evenings, they also are free to come to your school or project to chat informally about ways of making it easier and less stressful for you. We have for many years run taster weeks alongside the youth service which has been a very successful way for young people who know they want to come to college but have not yet decided what course is for them. The taster week is run through February half term and allows potential students to have many taster sessions in many areas of study. There is lots of help available during the week from careers advisors and the college for EMA and travel queries.

Also the team have also successfully run through the summer months many activity days. These have been set up to increase confidence and social interaction with likeminded people. They run through the month of July and many potential students engage with them to meet the mentors informally as well as becoming more at home with the college environment. Team buildings days, creative sessions as well as something for the more adventurous are available for you to have a go at.

If activities are not for you, then mentors are around through the summer months to meet up and talk. If there is anything you need advice and guidance on, or if you want to get used to the campus the mentors are free to see you.