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Equine staff praised for act of kindness


A member of the Coleg Sir Gâr equine team has been nominated and awarded with a college Cariad award.

Lecturer Ellen Griffiths was nominated by colleagues after she showed an act of kindness at Pibwrlwyd campus when a colleague became quite unwell.

Concerned about their health, Ellen accompanied the member of staff to their local hospital and as they were too unwell to drive their car home, which was some distance from the area, Ellen jumped into action and arranged for the keys to be collected from their home.

Along with another member of staff, Ellen drove the car to their home address which was also delivered with a basket of flowers.

The impact of Ellen’s actions were significant for her colleague.

Ellen Griffiths said: “Thank you for the award although I didn't see that I did anything out of the ordinary, every day is a crazy day in equine and we are there for each other always. 

“I never know what to say, although I’m truly honoured.”

Special mentions must also be made for Ellen’s colleagues, Bryony Cutler, Gail Evans, Andrea Graydon, Sally Thomas and Sue Gleeson, all of whom offered their support on the day.

The affected staff member has now also recovered.