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Katy celebrates first-class degree and role as fitness instructor

Coleg Sir Gâr sports graduate Katy Harries is celebrating the end of her studies with a first-class honours degree as well as gaining employment at Robert Davies Health and Fitness.

Studying an honours degree in sports coaching and performance at the college’s Graig campus, Katy has achieved the highest honours classification demonstrating high academic achievement.

As well as succeeding in her academic studies, Katy took part in every practical and work-based activity that came her way, working at the college gym where she encouraged staff and students in their activities as well as providing HIIT sessions for staff after work.

She was a valued and active team member of the college’s BeActive programme and always approached people and projects with a highly enthusiastic and encouraging style.

Katy Harries said: “I was given the opportunity to try lots of different sports and as a result I’ve coached a number of sports as well as gaining so much confidence.

“Joining the degree as a mature student was the right path for me and I believe that no matter what your age, if you want to study a degree then you should do it.

“The staff have been amazing and so supportive and being in a small class, you get to know each other so well and we are all supportive of each other.

“I never thought I would do well in a subject that I had never done before but I want to show that if you want it badly enough and work hard, you can certainly achieve something.”

Katy is now working as an instructor at Robert Davies Health and Fitness in Llanelli, training and encouraging people to reach their health and fitness goals.

Lee Tregoning who leads the sports degree programmes at Coleg Sir Gâr added: “Katy is an inspiring person and worked hard at everything she was presented with during her studies.

“Her knowledge and personality will certainly be an asset in her role as a fitness instructor.”