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Coleg Sir Gâr students achieve excellent GCSE English results and are on the path to achieving their dreams

Coleg Sir Gâr’s students achieve excellent GCSE English results and are on the path to achieving their dreams

Students from Coleg Sir Gâr achieved excellent results in their GCSE English exams this year.

Evan Ward, Charleigh Thomas, Stuart Braule and Jessica Schoeman all passed their English GCSE and have shared what they went on to do next after achieving their grades and how having the qualification will help them in the future.

You can study GCSE English at Coleg Sir Gâr in conjunction with your main programme of study, or it can be studied part-time as an evening class.

The course will provide you with the confidence to be able to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts.

The GCSE English Language course will also allow you to further develop your understanding in English and allow you to transfer the skills that you have developed, across your learning programme as a whole. To read more about the course, click here.

  • Evan Ward

    Receiving an A grade.

    “I am over the moon with the result I managed to get. My English tutor, Alex, has been amazing with me. I also took an extra English lesson for more knowledge on the exam and learning support has helped me a lot. Ideally I want to continue in education for as long as I can now. I needed to resit my English so that I would be able to progress onto further study.”

  • Charleigh Thomas

    Receiving a C grade.

    “I am very happy about the grade I have. I'm really proud of myself for achieving it. Alex, my English teacher, helped me a lot. Without her help and support I don't think I could have passed. She guided me through the year. It will help me get into higher course levels and to get a good job in the future. Also I think that having a supportive and helpful teacher helps a lot with the work and confidence to achieve a passing grade.”

  • Stuart Braule

    Receiving a C grade.

    “I have now got the opportunity to go onto study a computer and IT level three, assuming I also pass my maths this year. As an older student (40 years old), finally having my English GCSE means the world to me and my family, who are very proud of my achievement.”

  • Jessica Schoeman

    Receiving a B grade.

    “Honestly I was so shocked at getting a B grade. I really struggled in school, but found the spread-out English sessions so much easier to learn in as we had the time to register the lesson and prepare for the next.

    "I had a huge amount of support from Alex, my English tutor, and Gail from the support team in Pibwrlwyd where I was based. I was able to message Alex if I was struggling and was able to go back on our exercise sheets using Google classroom. I also had the support from the tutors on my course who were able to advise me.

    “When I applied to Hartpury University back in January, I chose to go straight into the foundation year rather than the first year as I had not had my maths or English GCSEs, but with hard work I was able to get my results and have now changed to go into first year. This has helped me a lot as I am able to dive right in the subject I love.”