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Welsh Language Standards Compliance Report

The Welsh Language Standards came into force on April 1 2018 for further education colleges in Wales.

 The Standards aim to:

  • Make it clear to organisations what their duties are in relation to the Welsh language
  • Make it clearer to Welsh speakers about the services they can expect to receive in Welsh
  • Make Welsh language services more consistent and improve their quality

The college, incorporating of Coleg Sir Gâr (CSG) and Coleg Ceredigion (CC), has a responsibility to ensure that the Welsh language is not treated less favourably than the English language. There is also a requirement to promote and facilitate the use of the Welsh language, making it easier for people to use and improve their Welsh language skills in the world of work and everyday life.

 The Welsh Language Standards Compliance report for Coleg Sir Gâr and Coleg Ceredigion has been published on the website and can be accessed here.