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Meet your student ambassadors 

Coleg Sir Gâr and Coleg Ceredigion provide ambassador Scholarships annually for Further Education students starting a Level 3 course for the first time.

Across our eight campuses,we have 34 student ambassadors who’s role it is to promote the college as a whole, internally and externally, whilst also promoting their respective Faculty area of study. 

Our ambassadors assist with open evenings, school visits, prize evenings and many more, making your experience visiting the college as comfortable and as welcoming as possible. 

For you to get to know our student ambassadors, they have told us a little bit about themselves and why they enjoy their role in the college so much.

Iestyn Davies 

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I am studying a vocational course electrical engineering, I've been interested in engineering since I used to play with lego so when I found out how good the engineering scheme was at the college, I applied instantly. I enjoy and take part in most of the sports clubs that run-in college, I play volleyball, badminton and dodge ball and I am captain of the basketball team here.

I believe I can be a good role model to both other pupils and future pupils because I’m an accepting and a very approachable person and overall a nice person to be around and I hope to help new students find it easy and give them a nice welcome to the college.

Grace Williams

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I applied to be a college ambassador because I want to provide the help that was so valuable to me when I began my college journey, and I also believe that it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to help build my own confidence while being available to help others. 

I am passionate about music and theatre, but am also passionate about helping others discover their own passion by helping them figure out what the right path is for them.

I think I can be a positive role model to others because I believe that I’ve had a lot of useful experiences that enable me to empathise with and understand how to help others. I hope that I can give advice to others that will benefit them in the long run.

Jenna Loweth

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Helping others is something I have always felt passionate about. I want to ensure that the transition into the college community is the easiest as it can be, to make sure that all potential wishes and needs are covered in ways to make people feel the most comfortable.

I feel passionate about helping others, art, friends, family, and creating the best opportunities for life and myself.

Being a role model is showing where people can go. I am someone that people can look towards in times of need but also as an example as to how college life can make a difference on their own lives, where it can take you and how it’s not an intimidating place but instead a way to shape your own self. 

Charlotte Holt

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I applied to be a college ambassador because I believe that I can help some of the current students but also potential new students because even the most outgoing people can feel nervous in new situations.

I feel really passionately about helping people, especially about topics such as mental health and I wish to be a counsellor in the future. I am a Cpl (Corporal) in the RAFAC and have recently attained a blue band badge and I'm likely to be in the band for the Pembroke parade. I have been going to cadets for 3 years now and help some of the cadets with personal issues such as anxiety.

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