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Llanelli Rugby Academy

Coleg Sir Gâr and Scarlets have always had a strong and fruitful association. The beginning of the relationship was a partnership agreement between both parties in a unique and exciting venture; the Llanelli Rugby Academy.

The Llanelli Rugby Academy at Coleg Sir Gâr was launched in the summer of 2000. The Llanelli Rugby Academy's main aim is to ensure that young players receive all the support they require to become players and people of quality. This is achieved by offering the best facilities, resources and support available to them.

The rugby academy recognises the importance of ensuring young rugby players have a secondary career, which they can take up, at the end of their professional playing careers. This is crucial to the aims of the academy as we provide everything a young player requires to reach his playing potential and will also provide courses, including coaching development, and services to ensure social, academic and/or vocational development.

The college has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years at both forms of the game. We have produced a glut of age grade internationals but also ever more increasing is the number of senior Welsh internationals.

Without doubt Coleg Sir Gâr is now considered as one of the leading rugby playing schools/colleges in Britain